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“If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem…”

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It Could Only Happen in South Africa – Edition: 01/2020

After 140 days of the world’s longest COVID-19 lockdown South Africa’s rate of infections continues to climb exceeding that of countries that have much larger populations than South Africa. On 23 March 2020 when ?President Ramaphosa announced the lockdown in South Africa for 21 days from March 26 to April 16, 2020, to contain the spread of the coronavirus, he was hailed as a great leader and the vast majority of people enthusiastically supported the campaign.

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Election 2019 and Beyond – Edition: 04/2019

The dust has started to settle on the 2019 general and provincial elections with only the EFF and to some extent the I FF+ and the FF+ being happy with the results. The record low percentage poll of only 65.9% of registered voters down from 73.5% in 2014 was a clear...

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Why I Am Voting DA on 8 May – Edition: 03/2019

There has been much levity throughout the world about Volodymyr Zelensky, a professional comedian, being elected president of Ukraine last week. After having a clown, and not very good one at that, as our president for nine years, I sincerely hope that every South...

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Clive Hatch – BIO

Clive Hatch has been an active participant in South African Political system since he was eligible to vote in 1968. Although he has actively served the Party on the national structures he has been, based in Emalahleni (Witbank) in the geographic area that is currently known as the Province of Mpumalanga, the most successful campaign ever for the DA in the Witbank municipal council, he retired from active participation in elective politics but certainly not from commenting or writing about it.

The ANATOMY of a South African FAMILY

The question that is probably most frequently asked to me is “where do you come from?”, or “in which country were you born?”

For some reason most people are surprised to hear that not only was I born in South Africa as were both of my parents. This is normally greeted with surprise, but you sound as if you come from England.


The concept of the big lie was developed and perfected by Joseph Goebels the chief propagandist of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

The concept encompasses the principle that “if you tell a lie that is big enough and if you repeat it often enough people will come to believe it”

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