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“If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem…”

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THE TIPPING POINT Edition 48 – 28 May 2017

THE TIPPING POINT It is common cause that President Jacob Zuma has wanted to remove Pravin Gordhan as Finance Minister ever since he was appointed in December 2015 after his botched attempt to capture the National Treasury by firing Nene and replacing him with Gupta...

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THE ANC BIG LIE Edition 47 – 27 March 2017

THE ANC BIG LIE It is common concern that Joseph Goebels the chief propagandist of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis used the BIG LIE to promote and justify their doctrine as the means of taking control of the state institutions that strengthen or promote democracy. Goebels...

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A TAIL OF TWO SITTINGS Edition 46 – 7 March 2017

A TAIL OF TWO SITTINGS There could be no greater contrast than comparing the sitting of Parliament for the State of the Nation address by President Jacob Zuma on 9 February 2017 and the Budget Speech delivered by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan on 22 February 2017....

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WHAT WILL 2017 BRING? Edition 45 – 7 February 2017

WHAT WILL 2017 BRING? The New Year has started off with a bang and there is every reason that this will continue for the remainder of the year. Donald Trump was inaugurated the forty fifth, and oldest ever, president of the United States amid a storm of controversy...

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PLANET ZUMA FIGHTS BACK Edition 43 – 3 December 2016

PLANET ZUMA FIGHTS BACK   The despot from Planet Zuma, the planet that was revealed to the nation by DA leader Mmusi Maimane during the 2014 state of the nation debate, appears to have adopted a “Fight Back” campaign to prop up his ailing support.  The original “Fight...

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Clive Hatch – BIO

Clive Hatch has been an active participant in South African Political system since he was eligible to vote in 1968. Although he has actively served the Party on the national structures he has been, based in Emalahleni (Witbank) in the geographic area that is currently known as the Province of Mpumalanga, the most successful campaign ever for the DA in the Witbank municipal council, he retired from active participation in elective politics but certainly not from commenting or writing about it.

The ANATOMY of a South African FAMILY

The question that is probably most frequently asked to me is “where do you come from?”, or “in which country were you born?”

For some reason most people are surprised to hear that not only was I born in South Africa as were both of my parents. This is normally greeted with surprise, but you sound as if you come from England.


The concept of the big lie was developed and perfected by Joseph Goebels the chief propagandist of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

The concept encompasses the principle that “if you tell a lie that is big enough and if you repeat it often enough people will come to believe it”

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